Different Types of Senses And Elements

The five elements include ‘sky, air, water, heat and earth (soil)’. One cannot even imagine life
without any one of these five elements.
Pancha tatwo

1) Sky

One of the five elements is the sky. The question may arise – If there is no sky, does life exist?
Yes, in the absence of sky, life is not possible because sky is empty space; If there is no empty
part in the universe, then the air we breathe will not be available. Any kind of communication we
do requires a blank space. Communication from one part to another is not possible when there
is no empty part in the universe. Even when you talk to yourself, you need space.
This means, there is a need for empty part even to play things in the mind. The process of
talking to yourself is called ‘intrapersonal communication’ in the language of mass
communication. The popularity of mass media is increasing in today’s world. The concept of
‘Global Village’ has started gaining popularity. Because there is empty space in the universe,
that is, because there is sky, mass communication through various methods and means has
become possible. So, life is not possible in the absence of sky.

2) Air

Another element among the five elements is air. It is an essential element for life in the universe.
Air is an essential element for every living animal and plant to live. If it was not mandatory for
life, then even this element would have to be bought with money. However, in modern medical
science, there is a need to purchase air as a therapeutic measure. For asthma patients and
other patients who have to adopt complex treatment methods, they have to pay for ‘oxygen’ and
buy air as well. It is against nature to have to buy the gift of nature, ‘air’, to live for free.

3) Water

Another element among the five elements is water. Just as life is not possible without sky and
air, similarly life is not possible without water. Water is made up of two parts of hydrogen and
one part of oxygen. The human body is made up of 70 percent water and the remaining 30
percent is other elements. Therefore, it is necessary to drink four to five liters of water daily to
stay healthy. You have to drink water according to the climate, geography, diet, age and weight
where you live. A person living in a hot place has to drink more water because a huge amount
of water goes out from the body in the form of sweat. At least two liters of water should be drunk
daily. It is necessary to drink four to five liters of water to produce two liters of urine. Drinking
water at least every half an hour is beneficial for health. Drinking water as soon as you wake up
in the morning helps to get rid of the different toxic elements in the body. It is beneficial to drink
lukewarm water after proper boiling.

Due to environmental effects and global warming, the temperature of the earth is increasing day
by day. As this has a negative impact on the water source, the amount of water in the universe
is decreasing. As the amount of water is decreasing, will human life, living animals and plant life
be destroyed in the course of time; it is a matter of huge concern. It cannot be said that such a
crisis will not occur in time if mankind does not pay attention to the protection of water

4) Heat

Another element among the five elements is heat. Without heat, the life cycle of any living
animal and plant is not possible. Both living and non-living things get energy due to heat.
Because of the heat, energy is gained by animals and plants, which runs their life cycle. No
plant life is possible when the soil is not heated properly. It is necessary to heat up the
environment even for the reproduction of any living animals and plants. It is said that even
stones have a life cycle. Even a stone needs heat to live. The heat on that stone affects its life.
When heat is applied to a stone, the stone breaks and wears, and the process of losing and
gaining weight takes place. Due to the heat, the stone in the form of a mountain gradually
crumbles and turns into sand as an environmental effect.

5) Earth (soil)

Another element among the five elements is the earth, where all living creatures and plants
exist. In the absence of this element, both animate and inanimate lives could not be imagined.
The life cycle is possible only because there is a balance of these five elements on earth. Living
animals and plants are possible on earth because the environment necessary for any living
animal and plant is available naturally. Not only for a person to be healthy, but also for
existence, the five elements are also necessary to be healthy. Among the five elements, it is not
possible for the animal and plant life to be healthy when the earth is unhealthy. Human life is
healthy only if nature is healthy. When nature is not healthy, geography becomes unhealthy.
When the geography itself is unhealthy, the outbreak of various types of diseases increases.
We have seen and heard – from time to time there are various natural disasters and epidemics
on earth. Such disasters and epidemics are created when any one or two or three or all of the
five elements become unhealthy. Therefore, for humans to be healthy, it is necessary to keep
the earth healthy. Today, in the name of development, the process of indiscriminate exploitation
of natural resources is increasing. Due to destruction of forests, indiscriminate use of water,
environmental pollution created due to various reasons, not only the earth, but the entire
universe is becoming unhealthy. People want to be healthy and live long, so it is the
responsibility of mankind to keep the environment clean and create a breathing environment for
clean breathing. Otherwise, it cannot be said that mankind will be disappeared over time.

Modern Principles of the Pancha Tatwo (five elements)

The five elements are interrelated. If these were not interrelated, then the existence of the
universe would not be possible. The sky produces air, which is also called ‘Vayu’. Water
originates due to the effect of wind. It is believed that the shape of the earth is due to the result
of the churning of water. Two thirds of the universe is water and only one part is land. Earth
generates heat by warming the air. The existence of heat is inherent in the empty sky. If there
was no space then heat would not be possible. Therefore, the celestial elements in the universe
as an empty part is in effective existence. Heat is generated when friction occurs in the empty
part. That is why it is said that even when eating food, do not eat more than necessary (so as to
cause indigestion). If you eat too much, the digestive system does not work properly and it
becomes difficult to digest the food. Therefore, sometimes the entire stomach and often a part
of the stomach is essential for health. Akash tatwo means empty space, is important even inside
the stomach.

As one of the five elements creates another element, one element controls another element.
Therefore, these five elements are complementary to each other. In a sense, these elements
are based on the principle of ‘separation of powers’. In the method of ‘check and balance’, the five elements are working in a natural manner by self-regulating each other. If one element tries to disturb, another element controls it, it is the natural law of five elements.

As one of the five elements controls the other elements, heat controls the earth; earth controls
water; water controls the air and wind controls the sky. The sky again controls the heat. In this
way, if they do not naturally regulate and control each other, neither these elements nor the
universe would exist. In the absence of the existence of the universe, there would be no idea of
the existence of living beings and plants.

The principles of five elements are directly related to the human body. According to the theory of
five elements
, the human body can be analyzed as one of the five elements in the universe. In
this way, the sky element of the body is the nervous system; the air element is the respiratory
system; water is the circulatory and reproductive system; earth element is the muscular and
skeletal system and the heat element is the digestive and glandular system.

Just as the five elements are working together in the universe, in the same way, the five
elemental organs within the body, i.e. the systems, are working together naturally. This is why
the whole body and the ‘soul’ within the body has become possible. If these elements of the
body do not work together in this way, the whole body and its natural system cannot be
imagined automatically. When these elements of the body do not work together in an automatic
manner, the body is considered dead. Therefore, the treatment method which is done as per the principle of five-elements is the key
treatment-formula under the holistic concept.

The five senses: Meaning and roles

There are five types of sense elements in the human body. Touching, smelling, seeing, hearing
and tasting are the five senses. These five senses have given perfection to human life.

1) Skin

Out of the five senses, the part that is perceived by touch is the outer skin of the body.
Communication can also be done by touching someone with different parts of the body. When
the other person’s skin receives information about activities like kissing, touching someone’s
part with hands, it communicates to different systems of the brain. Emotions are awakened
through the same communication and feelings such as happiness, laughter, affection, crying,
jealousy etc. are expressed as a response. And, the same expression turns into action (karma).
Skin is the main and biggest organ that protects the entire body structure. Information about
his/her physical and mental condition is obtained based on his/her reaction when touching a
person. When one person touches someone, anger is expressed; while touching another
person expresses love with happiness and joy. When you touch a person, you can get
information about health and illness from the expressions he expresses.
The body needs a balanced temperature to stay healthy. Therefore, there is an interdependent
relationship between temperature and the skin (the sense of touch). This relationship helps to
keep the body temperature balanced. Touch therapy to keep the body temperature balanced is
called ‘fire therapy’ in natural medical language. This therapy is becoming popular even in
modern naturopathy. Modern naturopathic therapies like sauna, jacuzzi, steam bath, spa are
examples of fire therapy.

2) Nose

Another of the five senses is the sense of smell. Different types of scents and smells can be
known by smelling through the nose. If the ability of the sense of smell is weak, there is a risk of
disease. An animal has the ability to smell from birth to death. If the ability to smell becomes
weak, the person becomes physically and mentally unhealthy. If we cannot distinguish the scent
and smell from the environment, then we must understand that some part of our body is
Fragrance is needed to stay physically and mentally healthy. Therefore, aromatherapy has been
developed in modern naturopathic medicine. If someone’s ability to smell is weak, it is treated
with aromatherapy using natural aromatherapy methods using various fruit essences and
aromatic oils (essential oils). In this method, therapy is done by giving infusions of fruits and
herbal oils. This type of therapy done through scented bath is also called ‘aroma therapy’. The
treatment of the sense of smell is also known as ‘earth therapy’ in modern naturopathy.

3) Eye

Among the five senses, the third sense is the eye. The world can be seen only through the
eyes. To see the ‘inner world’, the ‘mind’ is ready, but without the eyes, the ‘outer world’ is dark.
Eyes are indispensable for seeing the external scene. The eye is associated with the water
element. It is said – ‘Guts come until there is water in the eyes and blood in the cheeks.’ As the
amount of water in the eye decreases, the ability to see also decreases. Methods like water
therapy and hydrotherapy are adopted in modern natural medicine to increase the ability of the
sense of seeing/seeing.

4) Ear

The fourth of the five senses is the sense of hearing. The body has ears as the sense of hearing
sound. All kinds of sounds from soft to loud are heard through the ear. The melodious sounds
that you like bring you physical and mental happiness and help you stay healthy. Unpleasant
(croaky) sounds cause stress, which can lead to some physical as well as more mental ill
health. In order to make people happy and healthy, the method of air therapy is adopted in
natural medicine. Air therapy, which is performed in a way that makes the mind happy and
cheerful through melodious songs and music, is famous all over the world as ‘music therapy’.
There are different ways to do music therapy. Music therapy done in a balanced way is very
helpful for physical and mental health. Humans generally prefer to listen to natural sounds.
Hearing the sounds of birds and animals in the forest usually makes everyone happy. The
sound of wind blowing in the forest or the sound of water flowing on the banks of the river is
mind-blowing. Therefore, it can be said that natural music is indispensable for health and it is
essential to save the environment for natural music.

5) Tongue

Among the five senses, the fifth organ is the sense organ – the organ of taste, i.e. the tongue.
Different parts of the tongue perceive different tastes. Based on the same taste, we can find out
whether the food we eat is sweet, salty, bitter, sour, pungent, savory, etc. When the tongue is
unhealthy and unable to perceive taste, the person starts turning physically and mentally
unhealthy. There are various reasons why the tongue cannot perceive taste. In the case of not
being able to know the taste, the ability to know the taste can be developed by adopting natural
medical methods.

Natural medical methods like ‘space therapy’ can be used to develop the ability of the tongue.
According to the natural medical method, ‘fasting’ is popular all over the world. According to the
religious beliefs of various communities, fasting is a developed and systematic form of the habit
of sitting on an empty stomach. Fasting for a few weeks or months reduces the work load on the
tongue and can increase the ability to taste.

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