Welcome to Holistic Universal Hospital

Holistic Universal Hospital holds the privilege of being Nepal's first choice hospital for Naturopathic Treatments

Holistic Universal Hospital is established with the purpose of treating people with a holistic approach aiming to provide support that views the whole person, not just their physical or mental health needs but also their emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing

  • Holistic is a people centered environment – which means you are at the center of everything we do and every decision we make.
  • We are your partner for health, helping your live well by bringing the best in medicine and healthcare to your door.
  • We provide fast, effective and affordable immediate care for non-life threatening illnesses. Most patients are seen, treated and released in about 60 minutes.

Do you have any kind of Health issues?

Holistic wellness

Holistic wellness is an approach to health that views all aspects of an individual’s life and how they interact with their environment. Holistic wellness purports that all individuals may play a role in their own wellness rather than relying solely on a medical model to treat illness and disease. It involves looking at the health of the mind, body, and spirit as a way to promote wellbeing.

About Wellness
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      Reduce pain, restore function to the body and prevent future injury

Our Objectives

  • To prevent, solve and treat every health problems utilizing natural therapy, Ayurveda science and modern therapeutic approach.
  • To conduct research aiming development of local and accessible means for health promotion.
  • To guide people towards holistic living.
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