15 Benefits of detox diet

We eat different foods in our daily lives.The body absorbs the necessary amount of nutrition
from the food eaten. Unnecessary food is excreted out by the body.
Also, the food we eat affects our body. Food that affects the body in a negative way and is
unnecessary to the body goes out of the body in the form of waste through the automatic system
of the body as stool and urine.
In this way, the process of removing the harmful substances or toxins from the body is called
detoxification. Toxins, if present in food and eaten are transformed into less harmful substances
which is excreted as stool, urine .
A detox diet is usually a short-term dietary change. If you are fasting, the toxins in the body will
be gradually go out of the body. Fasting can be done by eating fruits, vegetables, fruit juice and
water, juice, tea, etc. Enema therapy also plays a role in detoxification.

What are toxic substances ?

While eating food, indigestion may occur. Gas can fill up during the digestive process.
Unabsorbed materials can accumulate in the digestive tract. There are automatic mechanisms in
our body to remove such toxic elements. This is a continuous process too.
Through the regular cycle of the body, the toxic substances in the body are removed regularly.
The system of the body becomes inefficient and the person becomes unhealthy if the toxic
substances are not removed from the body.
Due to wrong diet and lifestyle, toxins accumulate unnecessarily and unknowingly in the body.
Also, environmental pollution aid in accumulation of toxic substances in the body. There is a risk
of this problem even with food that is grown using different types of chemical fertilizers. Also,
due to low quality food, toxic substances accumulate in the body. Such a problem can be
removed with various drug treatments as well as detox therapy methods.

The food we eat needs to be rich in fiber. Most foods contain saturated fatty acids. These food
are harmful for the heart and the entire circulatory system. A detox diet reduces the amount of
harmful chemicals in the body.
Detox diet therapy is a natural cleansing method. In general, this cleaning method is also known
as cleansing in the natural medical treatment method.
Cleansing method should be adopted for a person to be physically healthy. This method can be
done naturally or at home or by visiting a natural health treatment facility.
Cleansing method is necessary not only for the external but also for the internal cleaning of the
person. For the internal cleanliness of the body, attention should be paid to food and other
matters. For this, it is recommended to drink enough water, use vegetable oil, nuts and dry fruits.
Homemade food helps to prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body.

A variety of healthy vegetables and fruits should be eaten. One should try to maintain a healthy
lifestyle through diet and regular exercise. Toxic substances accumulate in every cell of the
body. Only some of these toxic substances are eliminated regularly. To remove more, we should
pay attention to diet.
Therapy and yoga should be done which help the cleansing work. If the digestive system is
strong, then it works for detoxification in the body. By providing rest to the digestive system,
organs like the heart, large intestine, and liver can work more efficiently.

Based on the cleaning process, cleansing can be divided into different parts.
Eliminative can be considered as a cleansing of the digestive process. Water, juice, soup, lentil
soup help to reduce the work load of the digestive system to a minimum and remove the toxic
substances. This is the first process of cleansing.
Soothing is the second step of cleansing. Food consumed in this phase provides refreshment to
the body and mind. This also eases the digestive process.
In the constructive cleansing process, essential nutrients are released in the body. As a result, the
body gets the nutrients it needs. Also, this method repairs the cells and tissues in the body. It also
supports in growth and development.

Carbohydrates and fats are the main energy source for our body. These are our body’s stored
form of energy. A regular supply of these energy sources cannot be used in stored form. As their
supply is stopped during cleaning, the stored energy is used by various systems.
Basic cleansing can be divided into different parts. The cleansing method can be adopted on the
basis of routine.

First day
On the first day, pulses / lentils, cooked vegetables, salad, fruits and liquids are eaten. Vegetable
juice , herbal tea , coconut water are also included in it.

Second day
This includes salads, fruits and liquids. Lentils can be eaten but cooked vegetables are not
allowed in this day.

Third day

On the third day, only liquid is consumed.
On fourth day, fruits and liquids are consumed as on the second day. On the fifth day, the same
cleansing diets are consumed as on the first day.

Benefits of Detox Diet:

  • Detoxification of brain and body
  • It helps to bring clarity in thoughts and ideas.
  • Helps in memory and concentration increment
  • The function of the sense organs can be improved.
  • Helps to remove pigmentation.
  • Also helps in keeping the hair healthy.
  • The functionality of the liver is strengthened.
  • It helps to improve joint mobility.
  • As the digestive system improves, the respiratory system also improves.
  • The immune system of the body is strengthened.

Generally speaking, detox diet helps to remove various toxic substances accumulated in our
body. It is advisable for an ordinary person to detoxify the body at least 2 times a year by
following the proper cleansing process. However, this method becomes more beneficial and
effective if done under the proper supervision of a dietitian or natural therapist.

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