Holistic concept

Holistic conceptIn common parlance, holistic Wellness can be understood as ‘totality’ or ‘completeness’. Holistic is the totality of an individual, society, institution, country or universe. According to the WHO’s concept of health, a person needs to be physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and financially healthy in order to be completely healthy.

In the current situation, a new concept related to health has also been added. The need to adopt a socially and economically productive lifestyle has also been assimilated as part of the concept of health. According to this concept, the concept of totality and positivity is emphasized for any person to stay healthy.

The goals and objectives of holistic health have been developed on the basis of holistic concept. The purpose of holistic health is to make the patient healthy by providing all the necessary health services in one place and to help inform those who are suffering from problems due to lack of knowledge.

stones When positive thinking is promoted by spreading positive education in the society, everyonestarts thinking positively. When a positive feeling is created in the mind, a person can be happy and prosper. When you are happy and prosperous, not only physically, but also mentally healthy and stress free life is possible. And, only a stress-free person can do creative work. Only by doing creative work, a person can become socio-economically strong and capable. A person who has become socio-economically strong or capable can strengthen not only himself, but also his family and society. When every society is strong and capable, it is possible for the country to become strong, capable and prosperous.

The goal of holistic health is to make a person healthy, strong and successful. When a person becomes healthy and successful in all aspects, the country will automatically become strong and prosperous. Thus, society not only should be educated, it should be healthy, civilized and prudent. This is the main purpose of Holistic Health.

One place for complete treatment

homeopathic remediesAs a traditional therapy, ‘homeopathy’ and ‘naturopathy’ were popular in the western countries whereas, Asian countries adopted ‘Ayurveda’ and traditional ‘Chinese’ method (Traditional Chinese Treatment System). Similarly, in African and Middle Eastern countries, traditional healing methods, such as the Greek doctrine, were adopted. According to geography and environment, different countries had adopted traditional treatment methods according to the resources available at the local level.

massage equipmentsHowever, conventional therapies have not been able to provide all the necessary treatment to humankind because such conventional therapies around the world have not been able to cure complex diseases. Due to the lack of treatment for complex diseases, even human lives were lost prematurely. Even in the modern era, people in many Asian countries have adopted the traditional treatment method and rejected the modern treatment method. Thus, based on traditional beliefs, it is a nasty truth that many people still die prematurely when they rely on traditional healing methods alone. Therefore, a new treatment method that provides all services in one place became indispensable. And, as a result, the holistic concept was born, nurtured, and became effective.

hurbs teaEspecially since the emergence of the holistic concept in the United States and European countries, it seems that it has been practiced at a faster pace since then. In the West, as countries have made strides in modern medicine, so too in the holistic therapies. The nation is spending huge sum of money on modern health care and systems. The opening of more hospitals in the country, the increase in the number of health workers, the increase in the production of health products and medicines do not only mean an increase in services; it is even an evidence that the number of people getting sick is increasing too.

hurbs and ingredents The modern medical system is the ‘Illness Management Treatment System’. In such a system, a large amount of money is spent for disease management but the risk of unhappy results is higher because more emphasis is placed on the treatment method after the disease than on the prevention of the disease. This system requires expertise in every part of the body. Dermatology specialist, cardiac specialist, ophthalmology experts, cancer specialists, etc. can be taken as example. Different types of traditional treatment methods and modern treatment methods have their own beliefs. Every treatment system has its own positive aspects, but today’s need is for all health services in one place.

Holistic lifestyle

MEDITATION HOLISTICWe are living our lives by any means. Modern technology is becoming a way of life. However, all such ‘modern aids’ are inanimate. There is a risk that these modernly designed ‘aids’ will make us ‘injudicious’ at any time. It can betray at any time. Therefore, it is appropriate and reliable to prepare the basis for us to live in a natural lifestyle. In fact, forgetting ‘life’ and moving towards competition for ‘style’ is the bitter reality of our ‘lifestyle’ today. It is important to understand that man is not a machine. It is not possible for a biological human system to function like a modern machine.

The human body has a ‘biological clock’ in its system, which makes the body unhealthy when it does not move according to the clock. If the lifestyle is disordered, it has a negative impact on a person’s life cycle. Therefore, one should adopt a lifestyle within the discipline of nature. If one is physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, financially healthy, only we can be overall healthy. A holistic lifestyle is essential for overall health. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has pointed out the need for people to adopt a holistic lifestyle to stay healthy. To stay healthy, balanced exercise, balanced eating, movement & activity and positive thinking is required. Nature itself has given the night to sleep; sleeping during the day or not sleeping at night can be unnatural, which increases the risk of illness. Therefore, in order to stay physically healthy, it is necessary to adopt a natural lifestyle. Naturally, it is necessary to work daily. If you don’t do physical work, your body will not move. When the body is not moving, of course, there is a risk of various diseases.

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